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boggy’s Saab

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boggy’s Saab

It’s a 1995 Saab 900S 2.3 Automatic that I bought on ebay

19 November 2012 for £490

This is the story so far…

8 December:  No carpets, not surprised, despite me telling him I’d rather he be realistic with date then promise something that wouldn’t happen.  Fitted Steering Rack mod from Abbott Racing, one hour, tight squeeze, and new Cabin filter.  Ordered CD changer from M5Saab (ebay). Also ordered new l/h/f indicator (cracked glass).

10 December:  Phoned Carpet man, passed to someone else, told carpets still there, but would be sent out today for delivery tomorrow.

28 December:  Carpets arrived 12th December but were for a Saab 900 Classic (the previous version). Since then I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall trying to get the right ones, promise after promise, they never phone back and finally decided they couldn’t make them(?) But left it for me to phone up to find out what is happening.  I can’t get a refund until I return the other carpets, and I can’t send them back until they send me the return labels.  I know it’s been Christmas but after two weeks the return labels have yet to arrive so I’m claiming a refund via Mastercard but that’s a long winded process…

…So if you fancy new carpets for your car avoid ebay seller ‘smartsave10’ who also trade under the name ‘MyAutoz’….

Sadly the quality of their carpets is actually quite good but they have no customer skills whatsoever…

In the meantime, the rust patches and scratches have been successfully removed, treated and re-sprayed by Adrian Glenn in Hall Green, Birmingham, who I recommend highly.  The car has had a full valet and now looks pristine.

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