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boggy’s Saab

Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Owner’s Manual:  HiQ 400dpi - (approx  3.59MB)  LoQ 96dpi - (approx  587KB)  In 1977/8(?) Vivitar issued a revised version of this lens with an ‘addendum’ covering the changes:  HiQ 300dpi - (approx  1.13MB)  LoQ 96dpi - (approx  198KB) Vivitar 35-105mm f/3.5  Automatic Fixed Mount Zoom Lens  (Two touch - 37xxxxxx - Tokina) Parts List:  HiQ 400dpi - (approx 17.3MB)  LoQ 96dpi - (approx 4.06MB)

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