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boggy’s Saab

Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Owner’s Manual:  HiQ (approx 2.94MB)  LoQ (approx 459KB)  Data Sheet:  LoQ 108KB       -     HiQ 872KB Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm  f/3.5 (made by Tokina 37xxxxxx) In production 1981-83 Parts Manual:  HiQ 400 dpi (approx 23MB)    LoQ 96 dpi (approx 2.4MB)  Repair Guide  (courtesy of Prentice Fish):  LoQ (2MB)     -    HiQ (15MB) Return to previous page Page 37

Magazine Reviews:

Amateur Photographer (UK) Vivitar VX-5 Camera and S1 70-210mm f/3.5 (Tokina) Lens Tests (17 Oct 1981) (4.57MP)

Modern Photography Lens Test  (Aug 1982) (1.03MB)