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Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Instruction Manual:  HiQ - (approx  1.37MB)  LoQ - (approx  241KB) Kiron 28-210mm f/4.0-5.6  Macro Focusing Zoom Lens Earlier version of the f/3.8-5.6 lens but with the addition of a  Zoom Stopping Device’ Parts List:  HiQ - (not yet available)  LoQ - (not yet available) See Also: MES’s notes on stripping the Kiron/Quantaray 28-210mm f/3.8-5.6

Magazine  Reviews:

Amateur Photographer (UK) Kiron 28-210mm f/4-5.6 (2.57MB)

Modern Photography (USA) Kiron Lenses Tests (6.86MB)

Photo Magazine (France) Kiron 28-210mm f/4-5.6 Lens Test Juillet/Aout 1985 (4.22MB)

Popular Photography (USA) Feb 1985 - ‘What a Stretch!’ (4.2MB)

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Aperture Range:

f/4.0 - f/22 at 28mm

f/5.6 - f/32 at 210mm

Optical Construction: 14 elements, 11 groups

Lens Coating: Multicoated

Angles of Acceptance: 74 - 11.5 degrees

Zoom Ratio: 7.5:1

Minimum Focusing Distance (from film plane): 1.1m (3.6')

Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 1:4

Accessory Thread Size: 72mm

Overall Length: 128.7 mm (5.1")

Maximum Barrel Diameter: 75 mm

Weight: 840grams (29.6oz.)

Weight and length may vary according to lens mount

From Kiron Instruction Manual Code No 1000045  dated  2/85

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