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Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Vivitar 80-200mm Zoom Lenses Vivitar sold numerous versions of this lens, here are just some… Parts Lists:   f/4.5 Kino - 22xxxxxx -55mm filter dated January 1980  HiQ  -  400dpi (approx 15.8MB)  LoQ  -  96dpi (approx 2.33MB)  f/4.5 Kobori - 77xxxxxxx - 55mm filter  dated August 1982  HiQ  - 400dpi (approx 10.3MB)  LoQ - 96dpi (approx 1.7MB)

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Magazine Reviews:

Amateur Photographer (UK) w/e March 07, 1981 - Two Vivitar Zooms - 4.06MB - Including Vivitar 80-200mm f/4.5 (Komine #2)