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Vivitar Model 283 Flash

Owner’s Manual:


HiQ - (Approx 8.97MB)

LoQ  -  (Approx 1.32MB)

Revised 04 Oct 2011

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Flash Index

Service Manual:

HiQ  -  (Approx 32,4MB)

HiQ with full size diagrams - (approx 43MB)

LoQ -  (Approx 4.63MB)

Full Size Circuit Diagrams  (4 pages) only:

HiQ 4.53MB    -   LoQ 676KB

Diagrams revised Aug 2012

SPT repair notes:

HiQ 2.55MB  -  LoQ 262KB  

Associated Items:

Vivitar Flash Filter Kit FK-1 Instructions   HiQ 771KB  -  LoQ 185KB

Vivitar Lens/Filter Adaptor FA-1 Instructions  HiQ 391KB  -  LoQ 100KB

Vivitar 283 Flash Filter Kit Instructions   HiQ 626KB  -  LoQ 135KB  

Vivitar 283 Variable Angle Lens Kit Instructions  HiQ 871KB  -  LoQ 161KB


Vivitar 283 Electronic Flash System 1976 Advertising  HiQ 22.2MB  - LoQ 1.78MB

Das Vivitar 283 Licht-System Oct 1976 Advertising  HiQ 19MB  -  LoQ 1.7MB

Vivitar 283 Licht System  A4 Advertising  HiQ 5.35MB -  LoQ 647KB

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