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boggy’s Saab

Page 86 Mail: webmaster@boggys.co.uk Favourite Links Heavens above It’s surprising what’s up there... Vintage Trains  Steam trains and museum, Birmingham UK Kiron Klub   - now at groups.io Kiron lenses, photo chat and Guinness IrfanView Bloody great and free* too - used to resize pics for this web site etc   *Go on, give him the $10 donation - it’s well worth it! The Kiron Kids web site  (not currently available please go to Kiron Kid’s Photos and use ‘Contact Kiron Kid’ button…) The man who keeps me on the straight and narrow If you live near Vancouver, Wa, USA and need a wedding photographer, contact him... Upland Organic Fruit and Wine Farm If you want a decent tipple of Brandy, Port, Grappa or Cabernet Sauvignon… where