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boggy’s Saab

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boggy’s Saab

It’s a 1995 Saab 900S 2.3 Automatic that I bought on ebay

19 November 2012 for £490

This is the story so far…

As purchased:

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Collected one rainy evening on 22 November 2012.

Faults noticed include:

Battery had been leaking(battery replaced by seller) and area needs to be cleaned and repainted.

Right front wing not aligned with door (mounting bolt was not clamping wing down correctly)

Wipers worn and scratching windscreen.

Needs a good deep clean inside.

Bonnet badge faded.

Front left Indicator cracked.

First Week:  Ordered from various ebay sellers:

New Bosch Aerotwin wipers, carpets (black with red trim), wind deflectors, bonnet badge:

All arrived safely but carpets were a poor fit, promised replacements.

Wipers fitted.

Tyres were advisory on last MoT so priced up replacements (Vredstein Sportrac 5 - £74 per wheel fitted etc).

Also got quote for body repairs (£200 - very reasonable).

Right front wing mounting screw refitted and now aligned (had to buy correct Torx/Star screwdriver to do it).

The seller’s original pictures.

The officianados amongst you will notice that the seller has added ‘wood’ panelling from an SE model.

There is a small rust blister around the left rear wheel arch and scratches on the front bumper as pictured.